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So before we dive any further into the subject of living a creative life, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself…. My name is Ryan and to sum up my profession I would say my fingers are in a lot of pies and I think that’s one way of living a creative life (which we shall discuss further soon). I’m a social media influencer, makeup artist and recently have created a candle brand focusing on crystal healing and self-empowerment. Even with having different jobs and roles, my core value has always stood the same. Celebrate self-love, spreading positivity and showcasing the beauty of being alive and the magical world throughout what ever I do. If you are interested in finding out more about myself then check out my personal Instagram account and my website Wildest Dreams Candles.

So many people believe that you are either born creative or not. But in fact there are many different tips to integrate creativity into your own life and everyone has the capability of being creative in their own way. One of the main reasons why I strive to live a more creative life is due to the way it makes me feel. I feel a sense of freedom without judgement. It allows me to focus on the love in the world rather than fixate on the negativity.

Due to having such creative outlook on life I do find myself struggling to have one path to follow. For such a long time I felt almost lost due to wanting to do many different things with my life. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realised it’s okay to explore different paths and not actually want a fixed mundane 9-5 job. Making money as a creative is completely fine. Having a range of creative projects and making bits of money through your whole creative journey is okay – it doesn’t make you lazy, it doesn’t make you less successful. It just simply means you like having your fingers in a lot of pies. And that is okay.

Being such a creative person gives you complete freedom to be your own boss. It makes those big dreams actually feel achievable. For example, I’ve been doing makeup for over 5 years now and have been happy doing the odd freelance job here and there. Recently, one morning I woke up and randomly had the idea to start doing makeup workshops along with creating a new podcast dedicated to everything makeup related across social media. By allowing yourself open to new possibilities and never closing your mind off, you will always be surprising yourself with new ideas and you shall find yourself feeling excited about new possibilities no matter how extreme they are, rather than feeling scared about actively achieving them.

However, you might be completely happy in your life and job but maybe you feel like you have some tramped energy or catch yourself sometimes feeling a little anxious or stressed at times. Living a more creative life can help tackle those issues and help balance your emotions and who knows, maybe spark some new ideas or projects in your life!

Below I have created some useful tips and advice when trying to live a more creative life, which can easily be adapted to suit your lifestyle.


go to site 1. LET IT GO, No Expectations

First of all, before you even start working, I would suggest that you shed all your inhibitions about what you  should be doing and whether you’re doing it right. One of the best things about channelling a creative life is having freedom to just create with no expectations. This can be applied to arrange of creative projects or new hobbies. Such as painting, baking, writing a book, or simply creating a new Instagram profile to share your love of photographer.   

As humans, we always find it hard to not critique ourselves or compare ourselves to others. I always catch myself doing it and I have to remind myself that I have no expectations but also that I am unique and the stuff I create is unique and I shouldn’t be comparing to others success.


2. Actively make time for creativity

By actively including time for your creative hobby such as 1 hour a week on a Sunday evening dedicated to your hobby makes it more manageable to add a creative output into your life. Having such busy lives by actively setting time aside for your creative project makes it more realistic to stick to but also allows you to mentally prepare yourself to get into the creative mind set.


3. Get offline and take in your surroundings 

If you’re struggling with finding time to get creative or feel a lack of motivation to where to start then simply spending more time offline might actually help. Being online can sometimes eat our precious time up and before we know it we’ve not achieved anything. By spending less time online and more time offline you shall find you have so much more time to take action on these little ideas you have growing within you. You shall discover more time to enjoy the beauty of the world and your surroundings allowing your mind to be clearer and motivate you to create.

This was personally my biggest issue. With my jobs being heavily focused online, I would find myself being inspired by something online but would carry on scrolling through Instagram and before I knew it, left me no time to create. It’s about finding that balance between engaging and being inspired by other creative people online but also still having time to be creative.

All these tips have helped me live a fuller and more creative life. And, of most importance, they have helped me form a positive relationship with myself and the work I do. When I’m in a creative flow, my self-esteem is boosted, I am more productive and helpful to friends, family and that lifts my confidence. It also helps my mood tremendously. If I’m struggling, I make sure to take a moment to look around me and find something small that I can appreciate. This doesn’t completely cure my low mood, but it certainly helps and keeps me remembering the importance of life.

Creativity can improve your quality of life. I encourage you to think of your life as the canvas and let go of the societal norm that art should be tangible. It’s important to remember that no matter where we are in life, we are a work in progress. Life is a work in progress. Our creative lives are a work in progress. Now, go be a creator!

Ryan x



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