creative expression

express yourself fully and completely



Tune into your true essence to connect with your creativity. Be unapologetically you by learning powerful ways to authentically express yourself fully and completely. The CREATIVE SELF EXPRESSION Practical Magic Breakthrough Programme is for you if:

  • Struggle to get your point of view across, or hold yourself back from contributing in group settings
  • Feel you are over apologetic
  • Would like to have your ideas and voice listened to
  • May worry that you’ll be ‘too much’, and yet never enough
  • Feel as though you conform to other people’s ideas of how you should be
  • You want to remove limiting behaviours which mean you are not fully expressing your identity
  • Would like to not hold back when it comes to expressing yourself through what you wear, speaking your truth, or expressing yourself through creativity
  • Are holding yourself back and its impacting your sense of self and your creativity
  • Feel as though you are too much of a perfectionist, and it’s having a negative impact on your life.
  • Find the idea of self promotion really uncomfortable

What you will get as a result of the CREATIVE SELF EXPRESSION Practical Magic Breakthrough Programme

  • Change behaviour hypnotherapy / NLP exercises to release any unconscious emotional blockages related to holding back on your true self
  • Congruence between your conscious and unconscious mind to discover who you really are
  • Reveal and embrace all parts of yourself
  • Fully express, and share, who you with authenticity (and without wanting to vomit!)
  • Be OK with getting things wrong and learning from ‘failing’
  • Enjoy experimenting
  • No longer be held back by outdated stories which aren’t serving you
  • The ability to share your voice and your ideas confidently
  • Be open to receiving, and giving, critical feedback
  • Be unapologetically you!

What’s included in the CREATIVE SELF EXPRESSION Practical Magic Breakthrough Programme:

  • 3 x 2 hours Practical Magic sessions guided by you and your needs
  • A recording of any bespoke hypnotherapy sessions
  • An ‘Express Yourself’ guided meditation
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Further suggested reading and tools


The CREATIVE SELF EXPRESSION Practical Magic Breakthrough Programme costs a total of £750.00. Pay it once, be unapologetically you… forever.

If you want to find out more about how this programme can help you then Book now for a no obligation FREE 30 minute discovery session.