YOUR PERSONAL LIFE COACH IN A BOX The Practical Magic Activation Deck is a toolkit made up buy neurontin 800mg no prescription  of 56 individually illustrated cards and a book packed full of activation exercises designed to activate the essence of who you are. And when you know who you are? Life makes so much more sense.نماينده ايف فرانسه-نماينده EIF فرانسه-ف Magic Practically Delivered. 

The beautifully illustrated cards wake up your creativity, and the book is full of Practical Magic wisdom with an activation exercise for each card. They help you to get unstuck and back to the heart of who you are; connected to your fullest self. Through Practical Magic you:

  • Are invited to slow down and eases overwhelm
  • Cultivate your creativity and sparks your imagination
  • Become your own life coach
  • Bring vibrancy and vitality into every part of your life.

“It really is the silver bullet medicine that looks like candy.”