The Practical Magic Activation Deck, which is designed to help you become your own life coach. It’s a toolkit made up of a deck of 52 individually illustrated cards, and a book packed full of Practical Magic exercises designed to activate the essence of who you are.

You the deck, pick a card, connect in, and then follow the instruction book to activate your next step.

Magic Practically Delivered. 

The beautifully illustrated cards wake up your creativity and the book is full of Practical Magic wisdom with an activation exercise for each card which will:

  • invite you to slow down, connecting you to your own presence
  • cultivate new ways to activate your truth
  • guide you to become your own life coach
  • help you to step out of the grey, and into full and wild technicolour shine.

Why Kickstarter?  

I’m using Kickstarter to crowdfund the deck. The reason being is that in order to self-publish the deck I need enough pre-orders to print them in bulk. With Kickstarter, I have to raise all of the money I need, or I get nothing, and the decks don’t get printed. It’s going to be a nail-biting process, that’s for sure.

But, that’s not going to happen, and it means that you’ll become part of the toolkit coming to life and you’ll get the deck for less money than when it fully launches.

Loads of goodies.  

You’ll also get the opportunity to get your hands on some other rather fabulous Practical Magic goodies, including enamel pins which will only be available throughout the campaign, as well as some beautiful limited edition screen prints, open edition giclee prints and tote bags.

The date for Kickstarter launch is Wednesday 25 April at 9am GMT, and will run for a month.

In the meantime, you can enter a competition to be in with the chance to win loads of Practical Magic goodies, head on over to the Practical Magic Living website to find out more.